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    I think I just peed my pants.

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    Even when I was a truly terrible little boy and used to coax nudes from internet friends I always took those friends very seriously and would do exactly what they said and delete them immediately much to my constant regret for days after when my memory left me. If any lovely internet friend of mine decided to share something like that with me I would still keep to that, as SHOULD everyone else. Not that I would ever even ask for them anymore tbh. Even at my worst I would never betray someone that way, and to me I think that’s important to point out.

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    Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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    please watch gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

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I tried to shame him for eating all my shoes. I’m not sure what I expected.http://cute-overload.tumblr.com


    I tried to shame him for eating all my shoes. I’m not sure what I expected.

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My outfit today.


    My outfit today.

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wanna bet


    wanna bet

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    "Right into next week!"

    "I’ve traveled back in time from next week; please stop throwing monsters at us."

"i saw a picture of crackers on a food blog and i burst into tears”

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