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    i think anyone who thinks their art sucks needs to watch this scene

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    Tbh I don’t understand how I’m an outwardly fully functioning adult like in the past two weeks I’ve been to bars and restaurants like crazy, I rode in a taxi, I just drove to a parking garage and got it put on the room bill at the front desk, I ordered room service in the hotel room I’m staying in alone.

    Literally could not have done any of these things 3 years ago without having silent but serious panic attacks and now I’m just doing this shit on the fly like do I just not care that intensely anymore or eat what is even happening.

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    This Tales game is the first one I feel like I’m rampaging thru the story in. Not really screwing around in towns or grinding for exp between events. I doubt I’m far at all but the time I’m spending on optional battles is definitely scarce compared to literally any other jrpg I’ve played.

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    Yeh Luke is just top tier douchebag like I don’t even see how he could grow in character through the story like he’s just a douchebag that, through the help of his friend power, will learn how to function in the real world while continuing to be a complete shit.

    Tbh part of me likes that the dumb mascot character is being kicked around because it is super annoying like he says but because of Luke it just feels like flat-out abuse and the gag is already ruined I only feel bad.

    Luke needs to be stopped, and I need more Anise where is she make her come back.

    The battle is kinda dumb too like I’m in serious trouble once there’s a battle that requires any amount of thought or skill

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    Grave shift property opening means the hours drag on and I’m kinda…meh.

    I beat dangan ronpa, decided to start playing tales of the abyss. I’m so done with Luke tbh but the antics are picking up to make up for how much Luke annoys me.

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    When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection


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    Tales of Xillia 2 is waiting for meeeeeeee make it be September please

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    This fuckin guy laughs after saying literally anything and it’s such a weird obnoxious little fuckin giggle I’m gonna flip get me out of this goddamn room full of people I don’t wanna be around

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i think about their mirrored brands a lot


    i think about their mirrored brands a lot

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    Haruki Murakami: 'My lifetime dream is to be sitting at the bottom of a well'
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FE:A log by 婧
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    Getting really tired of people getting lost dragging me around with them

"i saw a picture of crackers on a food blog and i burst into tears”

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